New Path Forward

In 2001, a small but determined group of community leaders came together to develop the North Augusta 2000 Campaign, a five-year economic and community initiative. At the time, it was a bold plan to bring together the entire community, both public and private, to provide a focused and coordinated long-range community improvement program for the city of North Augusta. Seventeen years later, emboldened by many successes and with much broader community support, North Augusta Forward embarked on our most ambitious campaign yet.

As North Augusta continues to blossom as a critical River Region asset, drawing employers, employees and families to the region, the New Path Forward campaign funds six critical initiatives identified through an extensive recent strategic planning process to move the city forward. The success of this campaign will allow us to accomplish our vision “for North Augusta to become the community of choice to live, work and play within the River Region.”

  1. Lead quality development and redevelopment for North Augusta
  2. Be the catalyst for Downtown revitalization
  3. Stimulate a healthy, active and cultural quality of life
  4. Maintain the environmental quality and promote the utilization of the Savannah River
  5. Support an education system that provides the highest quality education possible for the community of North Augusta
  6. Ensure the North Augusta Forward’s long-term sustainability

We invite you to join us in support of our campaign to fund these important priorities. Together, we will pave an ambitious new path forward for North Augusta.